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Our Story


The igivabuck name and its call to action phrase “do you” was created as a means to fund no-kill sanctuaries for displaced and abandoned shelter animals.


We are a cause driven brand, or more accurately, A Paws Driven Brand. As such we aspire to be a model for socially responsible business by donating 50% of our profits toward The "b" Town  Freedom Project (see below). 


Additionally, we hope to inspire young people to get involved with charitable causes by illustrating the collective power of many small donations and contributions. The obvious play-on-words behind the igivabuck logo is intentional. It is meant to evoke pause and be worn as a badge of compassion.


The most important thing you can know about us, is... we givabuck... do you?

the problem igivabuck
The Problem


Each day thousands of dogs and cats lose a little bit more of their spirit as they sit in cramped metal cages in overcrowded shelters. Most of them will never be adopted into loving homes. Most of them will be destroyed.


Although most shelters make every effort to create a comfortable atmosphere, the majority of animals experience traumatic levels of stress in a shelter environment. They are scared, confused and often in need of immediate medical attention. Surely this is not what nature intended for these loyal and loving creatures.


This is where we come in....


the solution igivabuck
The Solution
We are actively searching for a suitable property in upstate New York to build the first igivabuck sponsored animal sanctuary, appropriately named The "b" Town Freedom Project.
 "b" Town will provide a sprawling country landscape where freed shelter animals can receive the love and care they deserve and live out their days with joy and dignity.
In addition to being a temporary or permanent safe harbor, we envision The "b" Town Freedom Project as an interactive adoption center where people can spend extended periods of time with our animals in order to make the perfect connection. We also intend to host educational and outreach programs, as well as celebrity fundraisers. 
We urge you to join our ranks and help make The "b" Town Freedom Project a reality and loving destination for neglected and abandoned animals. Please support our store and consider a direct or monthly donation. Together we'll show the world that... we givabuck!